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Good Bye Sunshine

Looks like the long stretch of amazing weather is over.

It was great while it lasted.

Jade Is My Sunshine

Jade was happy to see her painting on the wall in her StrongStart classroom. StrongStart is a FREE early ed program in BC, Canada.

Funny Bunny Family

Jade drew a family with big ears … And a special someone has a cute bunny tail.

They Call Me “Ray”

He’s happy, bright and shiny … He’s Ray !!! Drawn by Jade (3 yrs old).

I love the similarity to one of my fave Picasso images (Above: White Faun Playing Diaulos).
So Exuberant and Fun! I saw the original in 1991 at the Musée Picasso in Antibes, France.

Chalk Art Lane

My wife and a detail of our large drawing. We are the people in your neighbourhood (haha).

Yea, we like to draw … we probably drive all our neighbours crazy.

Shapes & Doodles

Jade & I collaborate with chalk art at the farmer’s market kid zone.

I’ll draw the shapes, Jade’ll draw the details (faces in shapes, shoes, arms, etc.)

Sunny Flower

An imaginative, colourful marker doodle for Jade.

Sunny Summer Days

Scribbling and drawing with Jade.

The Sun Playing Hide & Seek

He’s too good at this game.

The Summer Sun

Bright, Golden & Beautiful