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Squiggle-Face Afterthought

Exploring animated gifs from today’s extra doodles.

Squiggle Face

Sorting Leaves By Colour

10_NatureCould Have Been Kindergarten
Today my daughter was supposed to start Kindergarten. In the effort to stay positive during this teacher/BC Gov labour dispute, we created a fun project together.

1 Nature
Nature Walk In The Rain
We started the day collecting colourful leaves. Of course, there were many “puddle breaks” along the way.

2/ Nature
Beautiful Brown Snail
This was the best wildlife picture from our nature walk. We also counted eleven slugs and one pile of bear poop.

3 Nature
Drawing Seven Leaves
I asked Jade to draw seven leaves across the paper. This would be a guide to help us sort our colourful leaves.

4 Nature
Counting The Seven Leaves
Jade is double checking the amount of leaves she has drawn.

5 Nature
Colouring the Seven Leaves
Finalizing the map that will help us sort our leaves.

00 Nature
Jade’s Final Drawing
This map will help us count and organize the leaves based on colour. As one can see, Jade is still learning to write her numbers.

6 Nature
Matching A Map Out
Jade has sorted where the colours will be placed.

7 NatureSorting All The Leaves
Jade is sorting all the leaves she collected from our nature walk.

9 Nature
Stacking All The Leaves
At the end of the day, I added the leaves I collected from our walk together. All the leaves are stacked and ready for the next stage of our project.

Easter Eggs

The eggs our family created.

Scribbly Night

A quick crayon interpretation of “Starry Night” …An old drawing for Jade from last year.

Colour Flower Sketch

A crayon drawing I manipulated in Photoshop.

Jade & Heart

Fooling around with letters and words.

Hello Sun Shine!

My daughter loooves this drawing … She has it in her room.

Winter Hat

In Canada, we call this a touque.

Under The Sea

Imagining the fun creatures in the water.

Play-Doh Sweet Heart :)

More fun crafts at home.