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The Goofy Reindeer

Goofy Reindeer

One of the reindeers was feeling sick — and Goofy is ready to fill in (haha).

Now Santa, Let’s Get This Straight …

Minnie's Bowtique

Our family started a tradition last year of “drawing” our letter to Santa. This year, Jade asked for a “Minnie’s Bowtique” toy. Pictured is a warm winter sun, Minnie, Goofy and the brightly coloured bows. I added the text and snowflakes.

Dear Santa

Last year, we requested a toy kitchen set. Santa really enjoyed listening to Jade with her artwork. And most importantly, Jade had a lot of fun too.

Santa & Jade

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style

2012’s version of the Macarena or Chicken Dance.

Urgh!!! … Ever since a wedding, Jade looooves this song.

Salvador Dilly Dali

I had the strangest dreams last night (haha).

Getting Out Of Hand

Happy, loud times together.

Falling Goofy

Doodling Goofy with Jade … Ouch!!!

When Goofy Goes Running …

… His hat goes up and down, his hat goes up and doooooowwwwn. (A goofy song Jade and I created).

100th Post · Dancing Goofy ( No. 3 )

Celebrating my 100th Post with my daughter’s favourite movie star.

Goofy Dancing (No. 2)

Jade can’t get enough of that goofy fella.

Goofy Dancing

He’s awkward … But oh so stylish.