Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Family Tree

Talking to my daughter about the many people and parts of our family.

Best Face Forward

Big smiles and fun chalk art at the farmer’s market.


Jade wants everything at the same speed … FASTER!

Good Night Ladybug

A night time doodle together with Jade before bed.

Piglet Power

Little Jade, there is a radiant energy in your smile.

Jade Is My Sunshine

Jade was happy to see her painting on the wall in her StrongStart classroom. StrongStart is a FREE early ed program in BC, Canada.

Getting Out Of Hand

Happy, loud times together.

No NHL … That’s Tough :(

Owners vs Players … Billionaires vs Millionaires = Loss of Hockey.

Everyone loses.

Alien Acrobat

They’re head over heals about exploring new galaxies.

Niece Of Matisse

My wife and Jade seem like descendants of the great Matisse.