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Jellyfish Playground

Jellyfish Playground

Last week, there was a city wide celebration called Vancouver Draw Down. Leading up to the event, were daily online challenges. The above image was my response to the Day 3 Challenge.

The Challenge:
Find a pattern in nature and fill a page by repeating it over and over, using at least eight different colours.

Snail Glow

Snail Glow

The sun is out and everyone is happy!!!

Zucchini Race

A fun collage Jade and I created together.

Alien Acrobat

They’re head over heals about exploring new galaxies.

Chalk Art Lane

My wife and a detail of our large drawing. We are the people in your neighbourhood (haha).

Yea, we like to draw … we probably drive all our neighbours crazy.

Sunny Summer Days

Scribbling and drawing with Jade.

An Old Daughter Doodle

An old drawing from before Jade’s 2nd birthday.

More Sun Please ???

Swirling, vibrant light and colours (Sun detail above).

Thinking about the sun … can’t wait to see you again.

The Summer Sun

Bright, Golden & Beautiful

Happy Birthday ¬∑ 2nd Birthday

An festive drawing from last year … Jade turns 3 soon !!!