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Zucchini Race

A fun collage Jade and I created together.


Almost autumn, the weather is cooling off. Time to fly.

Jade & my wife collaborated with the shapes and colours. I added the black string wrappers.

Listen To Your Fire

Your heart has a voice. Listen.

Sharing Hearts

A colourful collage our family created together.

Dim Sum Cart

Jade and I cut & paste at the chinese restaurant.

Brain Freeze

80s Retro Collage … created by our family

The Sushi Collages

Drawing, cutting, and pasting with Jade at the sushi restaurant.

Clean Your Room

Exploring fun, organized chaos with my daughter Jade.

She’s A Lady / Remix

Jade and I “mash-up” of a Tom Jones classic.

Easter Hunt

On Good Friday, we introduced my daughter to collage. My wife and daughter collaborated on this one.