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I Am Gingerbread Chewbacca


A goofy creation of mine during our “Art Time” with my nieces and nephews at Grandma’s.

Rainy Day Doodles

Fun family time together!

It’s still rainy weather outside but we’re still doodling.

Jade draws a “glowy chicken” on the iPad.

A leaf rubbing detail.

A detail of my wife’s fun doodles.

A graphic expression of the letter “S”.

A detail of my “Mambo” doodle.

Jade drew “Steppy” on her head.

Jade said, “This is a lion.”

“This is a dragon.” Jade tried writing the caption near her drawing.

She also said, “That’s a mushroom” for the shape under the dragon.

“This is a sun.” Jade describes her drawing.

“It’s a little worm parade.” Jade explains the bottom squiggles on the page.

The 2nd and 3rd squiggles are “meows.”

Alien Acrobat

They’re head over heals about exploring new galaxies.

The Aliens Have Landed !!!

Jade LOVES these guys!!! My wife created these amazing aliens and painted their rocket ship.

Doodling Daughter

I just love watching her draw!!!

Drawing Faces

My Daughter has started drawing faces. This digital image was drawn with a Glow Coloring App on the iPad.

Jade drew this “alien face” on an old toy at her grandparents’ place.

Jade’s First Bike

Jade’s early birthday gift … driving amongst my wife’s chalk art.

Sleeping Beauty

Jade loves “The Alien” … The cool, crochet doll my wife created for her.