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“Daddy, This Is You On A Slide”

Daddy Slide

Sometimes life feels so good …

iPad Doodling

Jade talks while drawing … She loves the free app called “Glow Coloring”.

Jade’s Monster For Dada !!!

Jade is 3. She drew this for me before I got home. She’s so awesome !!!

Kitty vs Snake

Jade and I created this on the iPad with the Doodlecast for Kids app. Please excuse the “poo” talk … It’s an old video from the potty training era.

Doodle Family

Jade made this picture with the GlowColoring app for the iPad. After she drew it, she said, “This is our family. Email it to Dada.”

Jade’s Fishy Story

Making stories on the iPad with the app Doodlecast For Kids. Nom, Nom, Nom … Burp!

Drawing Faces

My Daughter has started drawing faces. This digital image was drawn with a Glow Coloring App on the iPad.

Jade drew this “alien face” on an old toy at her grandparents’ place.

Jade & iPad Drawings

Doodling in the digital age. It is a free app called “Glow Coloring” and Jade loves it!

Sun iPad Drawing

My colourful digital doodle.

Night Swimming · iPad Drawing

Jade’s digital doodle from a free app called “Glow Coloring” … And she loves it!