Creativity Is Like Air

(Draft 4)

I’m honouring my son’s memory

by honouring my daughter’s childhood.

_ _ _ _ _

( Draft 3 )

Creativity is Like Air …

A co-worker once said, “Life without creativity would be like life without air.”

I was a visual designer for over 15 years and I’ve worked with many high profile clients.

Six years ago, I luckily shifted to education.

For me, working with young children is the most creative environment.

There’s far less fear, insecurity, and anxiety… just more smiles and enthusiasm.

And the most exciting thing EVER is drawing with my daughter Jade.

Everyday, I breathe in the joy.

Drawings For Jade

_ _ _ _ _

( Draft 2 )

My greatest fear is being a failure as a dad.

Sometimes I feel very inadequate. I’m not very handy at home and my career is a soft, glowing question mark. It often feels like I’m not there for my daughter. She’s asleep when I leave for work and it’s often dark when I return home.

Maybe I’m just an idealist — or a perfectionist — and I’m being too hard on myself. Maybe my expectations as a parent are too unrealistic. During the past few years, I’ve focused on “being kinder to myself” and “letting go” of my imperfections. I’m trying to learn “to accept”.

When my wife was pregnant with our first, I was totally stressed and asked my dad for some practical input. He was born in poverty during the 1930’s and somehow managed to earn enough to support seven children. His advice seemed out of character — and it surprised & frustrated me.

“All you need is love.”

That basically summarized his advice.

I thought, “What kind of garbage is that?” I felt disoriented, confused … Even a little betrayed.

But within months, my dad died of cancer and I held Gregory, my stillborn son, in my arms. Both their deaths shook me. I felt physically sick and mentally drained. Holding my son Gregory, it dawned on me … My dad was right all along.

Our love is all that really matters.

My wife and I needed a tremendous amount of love from all of our family and friends to heal, recover, and trust life again. Everyone’s love was our survival. And now, we’re blessed with our daughter Jade.

So, why do I draw for Jade?

Well, I’m not really sure … Maybe it’s because my wife once suggested it. Maybe I’m trying to prove I’m a good father. Maybe it’s a form of healing for the loss of our son Gregory. Maybe it’s all these things.

Or maybe it’s simply a daily symbol of love, celebration, and gratitude for a beautiful, little girl.

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( Draft 1 )

Before I leave to work, I create a drawing for my daughter.

When we’re together, we talk and tell more stories and create more artwork.

We discuss fun activities, our feelings, our family and even seasonal changes.

For me, these are our happiest moments together.

12 responses

  1. I just read your 2 drafts – very moving – thank you for that. And may I offer another magical moment – use Faces iMake – with your daughter – you 2 are going to have a blast and you can start something that she can continue.

  2. Wow, “All you need is love.” I am so pleased to have found your blog, so beautiful, and so true! Love is all that matters, and the most beautiful thing is, you saw this early, and you are passing it on. THANK YOU!

  3. I’m glad you are enjoying this time with your wonderful little daughter. What a terrific age. I only had sons, but now I have two grand daughters and one grand son. They are a hoot!

    1. Yes, everyday is very amazing. Young children are definitely a hoot! Thank you for your kind note.

  4. My working mommy heart completely felt every bit of this post. I love it. So honest. So true. So beautiful.

  5. Daddies and their little girls. One of life’s special relationships. One of my greatest joys is watching my son’s delight with his daughter. And my greatest memory is of my dad. You and she have so many wonderful times ahead of you!

    1. It’s touching to hear your favourite memory is of your dad. Thank you for the beautiful comment.

  6. Greetings from Australia,
    Man, I really loved reading about the real you; your journey touched my heart and let me tell you something about your dad “All you need is love” is great advice and will be your rock to hold on regardless of what storms of life beak around you. I had an extremely difficult childhood in many ways, almost died at twelve because of a heart problem and recently sustained a permanent disability, and live in constant pain. But through all this by God’s grace and immense love………” My heart and soul discovered the true meaning of love”. I love this post because you chose to sacrifice a career for the love of your child and that is the purest love, “self sacrifice, without expectation of reward”. I sincerely wish you and your family all the best.
    God bless you in every way.

  7. Thanks for sharing your story. I am always glad, when I see parents spending time with their kids! The kids grow up so fast and really in the end what stays? It is the LOVE you showed to them. They will never forget this.

    Thanks also for following my blog. That is very encouraging.
    I wish you God’s blessing for every day!

    1. Thanks for your insightful comment. I appreciate it.

  8. Thankyou for the share..I can feel the warmth and love in here…blessings and looking forwarding to seeing more posts. :-)

    1. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the current and future doodles.

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