Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Some Bunny Loves You !

Quick morning message for Jade.

Dim Sum Cart

Jade and I cut & paste at the chinese restaurant.

The Aliens Have Landed !!!

Jade LOVES these guys!!! My wife created these amazing aliens and painted their rocket ship.

Summer Butterfly

There’s been lots of butterfly sightings this summer

Caterpillar & Apple Doodle

You’re the apple of my eye.

Crayon Owlie

My daughter Jade loves owls. My wife drew this beautiful image for her.

The Coquitlam River

Our family loves walking outside near the water and trees.

We often stop and throw rocks.

While we drew in our kitchen, Jade doodled her family & friends.

The Sun Playing Hide & Seek

He’s too good at this game.

More Sun Please ???

Swirling, vibrant light and colours (Sun detail above).

Thinking about the sun … can’t wait to see you again.

Peas From Our Garden

For the first time, Jade eats peas from our garden.