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Animated Gif

Animated Gif

Click the “gif” artwork …

The image is a visual response to an engaging post:

The Animated GIF: The Antithesis of Mindfulness

Personally, I love rich visual imagery … It’s the way I think and communicate.

For me, the best Art has ambiguity. I like having the time and silence to appreciate and question.

But now, EVERYDAY feels like an animated gif. The average person is exposed to 3,500 advertising messages a day. We devour images, resources and ideas.

And along the way, maybe we’re debasing and dehumanizing ourselves?

Animated Gif / Number 1Animated Gif 2smAnimated Gif 3 sm

Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk

Jade and I draw and think about our beautiful family time yesterday …

Autumn Walk Photo

A spectacular Metro Vancouver trail during a rare sunny break in November.

Soft Breeze

I scribbled the crayons on newsprint and Jade splashed the colour.

More Sun Please ???

Swirling, vibrant light and colours (Sun detail above).

Thinking about the sun … can’t wait to see you again.

Beach Day

Bright, playful splashes of colour. A painting detail from Jade.

Happy Birthday · 2nd Birthday

An festive drawing from last year … Jade turns 3 soon !!!

Flutter By Butterfly

Swirly colors, lines and smiles.