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Still Jumping Moons

Still Jumping Moons

Some cows will never change …

Another fun drawing with Jade.

And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon

The Cow Jumped Over The Moon

Hey Diddle Diddle !

… the little Jade laughed to hear such sport …

Jade and I really love listening to nursery rhymes together.

This nonsensical ditty might be our favourite.

The “I Love You” Sheep

Jade's Cool Doodle

Jade named and drew this fun doodle.

This guy lives in the city and likes to make toys.

He likes to eat purple and pink jelly beans.

My Baby Chick

Jade often pretends she’s a baby chick. She still needs her “soo-soo” and blanket to go “Mimi” (chinese for sleep).

Jade’s Turkeys

Jade and I created these turkeys in StrongStart today.

Piglet Power

Little Jade, there is a radiant energy in your smile.

Moo Moo Cow

Everything is Moo-velous !!!

Chicken Girl

We have the book Extraordinary Chickens at home … And Jade Loves it!

Happy Piggy !

Like a little piggy, Jade is happy getting dirty!

Scenes From Old MacDonald’s Farm

With a “Bah Bah” Here …