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The Party Puppy

Party Puppy

My wife created this fun doodle for Jade.

Making Kooky Faces

Cheerio Face

A face a father could only love (haha). A funny face for Jade.

Cheerio Face 2

Whoops!!! … Jade replied by assembling her own creation. So much fun!!

We were inspired by the new Big Block Singsong cartoons on CBC Kids. Awesome Stuff !!!

_ _ _ _ _

Click below for more videos: (CBC Player/Flash)
Big Block Singsong

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Love

Monkey Love

My wife monkeyed around with some crayons and drew this for Jade.

Cute Fishy

My wife loves fish.

Sadly, her little “Fishcake” died the other day.

Rest in peace little buddy.

Best Face Forward

Big smiles and fun chalk art at the farmer’s market.

Piglet Power

Little Jade, there is a radiant energy in your smile.

Jade Is My Sunshine

Jade was happy to see her painting on the wall in her StrongStart classroom. StrongStart is a FREE early ed program in BC, Canada.

Silly Bunny

Some call it “showing off” … I call it “charisma.”

The Bunny Dirtwater

My wife’s friend has the cutest bunny. When her nephew was 5, he named him Dirtwater.

Caterpillar & Apple Doodle

You’re the apple of my eye.