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Jade Is A True “Arteest”

Jade's Drawing Station

Jade at her art station (our kitchen table).

Thankfully, she can become very absorbed while drawing.

Jade says they’re doing the “Move it, Move it” dance.

The Shoes That Go “Pit Pat Pit Pat”

Pit Pat Pit Pat

Jade’s favourite scene from the book “Little Bear’s Visit.”

This is from the section called the “Goblin Story”.

I love Maurice Sendak’s illustrations in it!

Click to learn more about Little Bear’s Visit.

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Love

Monkey Love

My wife monkeyed around with some crayons and drew this for Jade.

Jade’s Destination

Jades Destination

Documenting a beautiful time creating art together.

The Mad Hatter & The Unicorn

Mad Hatters Tea Party

The Mad Hatter’s Halloween Tea Party … Who knew Unicorns loved tea ???

Uh Oh … Why does every tea party end this way ???