Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Always Care

A promise I made when you were born … “I’ll always be there, I’ll always care.”

Hockey Playoff Beard · Self Portrait

Go Canucks! “Self Portrait with Playoff Beard” from last year’s exciting playoffs … They just got eliminated this year.

I See You Everywhere

When I drew this, Jade looked at it all day.

Seeing Stars

… And Colours, Lines and Swirls.

Whale and Jelly Fish

Another drawing by my wife.

Owl Drawing

My wife is an amazing drawer. She drew this for Jade.

Sun Face Painting

Collaborative art with my daughter Jade. She painted the colour and I did the crayon drawing.

Jade & iPad Drawings

Doodling in the digital age. It is a free app called “Glow Coloring” and Jade loves it!

Sun iPad Drawing

My colourful digital doodle.

Night Swimming · iPad Drawing

Jade’s digital doodle from a free app called “Glow Coloring” … And she loves it!