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Space Junk

Space Junk

Hurtling through space at the speed of light …

Remembering Those Snowy Sunsets

Snowy Sunsets

I grew up on the Canadian prairies and we played in the snow all day.

But, I especially loved walking outside when the sun was going down.

Sometimes, the snow-drifts would catch some amazing colours .

Little Miss Rainbow

Jade’s best friend is so happy and colourful! My wife drew this fun chalk art.

Chalk Art Lane

My wife and a detail of our large drawing. We are the people in your neighbourhood (haha).

Yea, we like to draw … we probably drive all our neighbours crazy.

Dim Sum Cart

Jade and I cut & paste at the chinese restaurant.

Jade Plays Ball

Scribbling and scrambling after the ball.

Rainbow Face

Looking at our chalk art from Jade’s window.

All Smiles :)

Making Jade happy with some chalk art.

Sun iPad Drawing

My colourful digital doodle.

Easter Eggs

The eggs our family created.