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Our House, Halloween Night

Our Halloween House

Too much rain … not enough kids :(

The Spooky House

Jade is super excited for Halloween this year!
It’ll be Spooktacular!!!

Mommy’s Monsters

My wife is brainstorming and doodling funny monsters.

Getting Out Of Hand

Happy, loud times together.

Shapes & Doodles

Jade & I collaborate with chalk art at the farmer’s market kid zone.

I’ll draw the shapes, Jade’ll draw the details (faces in shapes, shoes, arms, etc.)

Jade’s Drawing: Winging It !

At this party, everyone is colourful and flying.

Jade drawing with her soother … It helps her get in “the zone.” (haha)

I Love You

Your Smile Makes Me Happy!

Doodle Family

Jade made this picture with the GlowColoring app for the iPad. After she drew it, she said, “This is our family. Email it to Dada.”

All Smiles :)

Making Jade happy with some chalk art.