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Our House, Halloween Night

Our Halloween House

Too much rain … not enough kids :(

Halloween Night !!!

Halloween Night

Time for some Trick or Treating !!!

Three Little Pumpkins

Pumpkin Family

Our spooky Halloween guests (haha).

The Possessed Pumpkin

Possessed Pumpkin

It’s demented how excited we are about Halloween :P

Haunted Halloween House

Halloween Haunted House

It’s spooky, but I heard they give out ┬áCHOCOLATE BARS ;P (haha)

Our Jack O Lantern

Jack O Lantern

Boo !!! I carved this spooky pumpkin today.

Don’t Cross This Black Cat

Don't Cross This Black Cat

Ooooo … Halloween weekend coming up !!!

Spider, Spider On The Wall

… who’s the spookiest one of all?

Zombie Party Tricks

Another kooky Halloween doodle for Jade.

She has a love/hate relationship with zombies.

Swing Those Hips

A funny, Halloween doodle for Jade.