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Seasons Of The Year


With the arrival of summer recently, my wife created this wonderful drawing for Jade.

Jade’s Digital Doodle Bunny

Drawing Carl / Digital Bunny

We downloaded an iPad app called ‘Drawing Carl’ and Jade’s really into it.

She had fun exploring the different features (pattern fills, mirror drawings, etc).

This is my fave from the other day.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Down The Rabbit Hole“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

My wife and Jade collaborated on this collage.

The girls are BIG Alice in Wonderland fans.

No NHL … That’s Tough :(

Owners vs Players … Billionaires vs Millionaires = Loss of Hockey.

Everyone loses.

Funny Bunny Family

Jade drew a family with big ears … And a special someone has a cute bunny tail.

Silly Bunny

Some call it “showing off” … I call it “charisma.”

The Bunny Dirtwater

My wife’s friend has the cutest bunny. When her nephew was 5, he named him Dirtwater.

Cute Bunny (Detail)

My wife drew this great doodle for Jade.

Some Bunny Loves You !

Quick morning message for Jade.

Bunny Swing

A morning message for sweet Jade.