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Mutating Leopard Spots

Mutating Leopard Spots

Maybe a leopard can change their spots ???

Another creation during “Art Time” with my nieces and nephews at Grandma’s.

Jade’s Digital Doodle Bunny

Drawing Carl / Digital Bunny

We downloaded an iPad app called ‘Drawing Carl’ and Jade’s really into it.

She had fun exploring the different features (pattern fills, mirror drawings, etc).

This is my fave from the other day.

Sunny Flower

An imaginative, colourful marker doodle for Jade.

Sunny Summer Days

Scribbling and drawing with Jade.

Butterfly Buddies

At a friend’s birthday party …

I drew Jade’s face and a 7 year old drew mine (Jade added my dots).

Yes, we know how to party!