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Texas Hair Band

Family craft time … I created this collage.

Scribbling Bloomage

Bursting with organic lines and colours

The Summer Sun

Bright, Golden & Beautiful

Brain Freeze

80s Retro Collage … created by our family

The Sushi Collages

Drawing, cutting, and pasting with Jade at the sushi restaurant.

Chalk Art Land

Surrounded by Chalk Art …

Chalk Art Attack … Jade’s having a blast …

My wife drew “The Missing Link” from the “Monsters vs Aliens” animated movie.

Beach Day

Bright, playful splashes of colour. A painting detail from Jade.

Have A Ducky Day!

A fun, morning message for Jade.

Happy Birthday ยท 2nd Birthday

An festive drawing from last year … Jade turns 3 soon !!!

Flutter By Butterfly

Swirly colors, lines and smiles.