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Zombie Party Tricks

Another kooky Halloween doodle for Jade.

She has a love/hate relationship with zombies.

Swing Those Hips

A funny, Halloween doodle for Jade.

Let’s Go Fishing !

Spawning salmon season near our place … And the birds are hungry !!!

Salvador Dilly Dali

I had the strangest dreams last night (haha).

Cute Fishy

My wife loves fish.

Sadly, her little “Fishcake” died the other day.

Rest in peace little buddy.

My Baby Chick

Jade often pretends she’s a baby chick. She still needs her “soo-soo” and blanket to go “Mimi” (chinese for sleep).

Mommy’s Monsters

My wife is brainstorming and doodling funny monsters.


Jade wants everything at the same speed … FASTER!

Piglet Power

Little Jade, there is a radiant energy in your smile.

Getting Out Of Hand

Happy, loud times together.