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I Like To Move It, Move It !

Jade’s drawing and fave song @ StrongStart … Everyone goes wild!

Alien Acrobat

They’re head over heals about exploring new galaxies.

They Call Me “Ray”

He’s happy, bright and shiny … He’s Ray !!! Drawn by Jade (3 yrs old).

I love the similarity to one of my fave Picasso images (Above: White Faun Playing Diaulos).
So Exuberant and Fun! I saw the original in 1991 at the Musée Picasso in Antibes, France.

Froggie Went A Courtin

Jade loves this song! Lately, I’ve been singing it lots.

Dancing Polar Bear

Jade still talks about the funny bear sculpture from our old library.

Silly Bunny

Some call it “showing off” … I call it “charisma.”

Pool Party

Jade loves the pool’s slide!

Bouncy Castle

Jade loves bouncy castles with her friend.