The Mesmerizing Northern Lights

Northern Lights

A hint of Arctic air.

It was chilly in Vancouver today.

I was telling Jade about the beauty of the Northern Lights.

I grew up in the Canadian prairies and we’d see them often.

The Northern Lights dance, glow and shimmer across the dark sky.

The Canadian winter brings many moments of creative beauty.

Yesterday, during a family walk, I photographed some ice.

Always appreciate the simple beauty around you.

Ice Shapes

6 responses

  1. For someone who has never seen snow or ice, what is in that photo? Looks beautiful. I can see it is a plant of some sort and flowers?

    1. Believe it or not — it’s ice.

      Along the edges of frozen puddles and ponds, the frosty ice creates beautiful lines and shapes.

      This one caught my eye because it looked like a star.

      1. Amazing! Well caught :)

  2. I have never seen the Northern Lights. It must be incredible. And what a fantastic photo.

    1. Here’s a good example of Northern Lights (time lapse / 1 hour away from my hometown):

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