Jade’s Home and Workspace

Jade's Workspace / 1

Our family almost always paints or draws at our kitchen table.

We’ve thought long and hard about how to best integrate our family’s art space and material.

Firstly, we wanted to incorporate Jade’s art into the work space.

We also wanted our art resources / materials to be easily accessible.

For a final touch, we envisioned Jade’s paintings in our living room.

Last month, we went to Ikea and purchased some Expedit bookshelves.

For us, it’s a perfect space solution.

Today, I put up Jade’s art in our living / working area (pics below).

Jade's Workspace / 2

Our Living Room

4 responses

  1. Hi :)
    It is great what you are doing here. Jade is a lucky girl!
    Inspires me to spend more time creating art with my kids.

    BTW. Check out http://ziggyshortcrust.wordpress.com/.
    A great idea and thought Jade (or your family) might be interested in participating.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad your enjoying creating with your kids too.

      Thanks for the tip about Ziggy’s letters … this sounds great!

  2. Jade’s work looks fabulous displayed like that. So much better than stuck to a fridge door.

    1. Thanks Ziggy!

      I’ve emailed you about helping your with your 365 letter goal … We’d love to participate!

      Reply here if you didn’t get my email.


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