Mr. Cloudy and Vancouver

Mr. Cloudy

It’s’s been very wet and rainy here in Vancouver lately.

Looks like Mr. Cloudy has lots of his friends in our sky.

Hopefully, little Little Miss Sunshine will be back soon.

Everyone’s a little cheerier when she’s around.

4 responses

  1. Mr Cloudy has lots of friends over here in the North of England too. Wet friends. I’m glad he’s happy though.

    1. I think Mr. Cloudy’s friends in North England are relatives … I noticed he had a North England accent.

      1. “Eee by gum” :) (Northern speak)

  2. This reminded me of a Picasso ceramics plate I’ve seen in a hotel in Rome. Very cool Mr Cloudy )) I’ll try to dig out the pic of the plate.

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