NHL Is Back … “Bear-Mauled” with Mixed Feelings

NHL Hockey Is Back ...

I love hockey.

I grew up playing the sport.

I still play every week. I used to play 3 to 5 times a week.

I play because I love the game.

Frankly, I’m kind of sick of the NHL.

I’m tired of the owners and their lockouts.

I’m not really keen on most of the NHL star players either.

Personally, I think most of them are “out-of-touch” and overpaid.

After the 2011 Stanley Cup Riot though, I’m even fed up with certain “fans” too.

I’ll spend my money on my equipment, expensive sticks and ice time.

But, I’m not going to watch many NHL games at the arena or on TV …

Well … maybe not until the playoffs.

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  1. I went on an interview yesterday, and my friend works there. “Talk about hockey, he’s a huge fan.” I don’t know much about hockey…I like it, but I don’t follow it…my husband said, oh yeah, they are finished with their lockout and hockey starts tomorrow… I didn’t think it wise to bring up hockey in my interview, as it seems all fans are pretty irritated. I agree, all sports figures, are paid entirely too much, and then the fans have to pay for it in ticket prices. Shoot a baseball game used to be for families, and we can barely afford a game once a year now. makes me angry. Forget hockey, that is so pricey…we’ll have to go see Long Beach Bull Dogs…

    1. Great point … The games are now corporate events instead of family events.

      But, I think I’m almost most sick of the fans.

      I went to a Canuck playoff game last year (they lost).

      After the game, 2 “fans” wearing Canuck jerseys were beating each other up.

      Disgustingly sad.

      Don’t even get me started on Lance Armstrong and other athletes …

      Millionaire, sociopaths … Grrr (but that’s another rant for another time)

      Sports have lost their origin and point.

  2. I am also disenchanted with the NHL.
    I am a Canucks fan, and enjoy watching the games, but for now will not be watching.
    I can’t believe how greedy they are, wanting more money, when their fans are paying the equivalent of a months rent or a month of groceries just to go to Roger’s Arena to watch them lose.
    Not cool.

    1. True … I’ve turned down paying tickets on the same reasons (cost of groceries for the month).

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