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Dog Days Of Summer

Dog Days Of Summer

Lately, we’ve been dog-sitting our neighbour’s amazing black lab.

The dog’s name is Gunnar and he’s eight years old.

He has the perfect temperament for children.

Gunnar doesn’t jump up on people and he doesn’t lick faces either.

He’s the perfect friend for Jade.

She absolutely adores him.

Our Paper Bag Pumpkin

Paper Bag Pumpkin

Taking halloween crafts home from StrongStart.

Pumpkin Face

Can’t wait to carve my pumpkin this year!

Shapes & Doodles

Jade & I collaborate with chalk art at the farmer’s market kid zone.

I’ll draw the shapes, Jade’ll draw the details (faces in shapes, shoes, arms, etc.)

Gotta Love Triangles

Talking and learning about shapes with Jade. Everyone loves triangles.


I painted this for my daughter … she likes it !


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