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Hockey Weekend Time !!!

Hockey Weekend

Just another typical Canadian weekend on the ice.

NHL Is Back … “Bear-Mauled” with Mixed Feelings

NHL Hockey Is Back ...

I love hockey.

I grew up playing the sport.

I still play every week. I used to play 3 to 5 times a week.

I play because I love the game.

Frankly, I’m kind of sick of the NHL.

I’m tired of the owners and their lockouts.

I’m not really keen on most of the NHL star players either.

Personally, I think most of them are “out-of-touch” and overpaid.

After the 2011 Stanley Cup Riot though, I’m even fed up with certain “fans” too.

I’ll spend my money on my equipment, expensive sticks and ice time.

But, I’m not going to watch many NHL games at the arena or on TV …

Well … maybe not until the playoffs.

No NHL … That’s Tough :(

Owners vs Players … Billionaires vs Millionaires = Loss of Hockey.

Everyone loses.

Hockey Playoff Beard · Self Portrait

Go Canucks! “Self Portrait with Playoff Beard” from last year’s exciting playoffs … They just got eliminated this year.

Go Canucks Go !

Today is the first day of the playoffs … This is an old drawing I did for Jade.


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